#CryptoLeaks Isn’t Happening, But Not Without Its “Hacker” Leaving An Eerie Farewell

Trigger warning: suicide

Remember the Twitter account @adyingnobody who promised to leak a massive 137-gigabyte worth of Telegram chats around alleged malicious activities involving crypto personalities?

Well, on the eve of their supposed first wave of leaks, they made a self-transfer of Ethereum with an eerie farewell note announcing that the leak was a hoax.

Tracked based on the wallet ID they published when they first announced the supposed plan to leak, the account transferred US$100 worth of ether but it seems the intent was to leave a message. The input data starts with an announcement that “there is no release [of the leak] tomorrow [and] this is all a hoax.”

“These are all fabrications made by myself for attention,” the message continued. “I will be dead from suicide, you have nothing to worry about so do not bother finding me.”

Source: Etherscan

On June 7, the Twitter account posted the plan to release the Telegram leaks. Set in three phases starting on June 15, the messages were supposed to implicate crypto influencers and project creators in fraudulent and unethical behavior.

Three days after, the Twitter account was suspended.

The hacker said they were able to do this through a “vulnerability” on the chat platform, allowing one to “recreate an invite to view the overview page and recent messages of any Telegram group of an individual user without actually joining said group.”

Telegram immediately tweeted to address the issue, saying “no such vulnerability has ever been found.”

This development has stirred mixed reactions from the cryptosphere on Twitter, with some confirming their predictions that the stunt was a hoax. Others tried to read between the lines and floated the conspiracy that the supposed whistleblower might have been threatened to release the latest message and hold the leaks.

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