Elon Musk Voted Out As Twitter Chief In His Own Poll

Twitter CEO Elon Musk likes his decisions (at least, most of them) done through a poll, in the service of free speech. It seems the poll-loving persona has backfired.

In a Twitter poll asking his followers if he should step down as the social media platform’s head, Musk got 57% of the respondents saying yes.

The billionaire added that he will ”abide by the results” of the poll, which garnered more than 17.5 million votes.

The poll came about after Musk himself admitted that he implemented policies on Twitter that he did on his own, promising that moving forward, ”there would be a vote for major policy changes.”

Musk is recently being criticized for updating policy on Twitter in which accounts are being restricted to post links that will direct users to a competitor, but later reverted the policy back after the platform was called out. The platform recently suspended the account of social network site Mastodon.

The social media platform is also being questioned on its actions related to suspending the accounts of a number of journalists, most of whom are covering tech news which includes Musk and his companies.

Twitter polls have been Musk’s way in deciding some of his business decisions. Most recently, he reinstated former US President Donald Trump’s account after a poll voted in the affirmative. He also unsuspended the journalists’ Twitter accounts following the results of the poll.

Musk also repeatedly put to a poll most of his decisions regarding Tesla, including a possible sale of his stake. The act has been constantly pointed by the SEC as a concern related to disclosing material information to the public.

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What happens now?

After taking over Twitter, Musk abolished the company’s board and its C-Suite emptied out. As the single board director and owner of the company, Musk may appoint the next CEO – and also tell that individual what to do in the post.

Before the voting ended, when the “yes” votes were gaining ground, Musk tweeted a cryptic message saying “be careful what you wish [for].” He also added that “no one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive,” and as thus, there is no successor yet.

He doubled down in another tweet, claiming that the matter is not looking for someone to head the social media platform, but looking for someone “who can keep Twitter alive.”

After being spotted with former White House advisor Jared Kushner during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 final match between Argentina and France, Musk is rumored to be considering the former presidential son-in-law as the next Twitter chief.

Musk hasn’t commented on the poll results as of this writing.

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