First Phosphate Drills 15.01% P2O5 Over 7.6 Metres At Begin-Lamarche

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First Phosphate (CSE: PHOS) has released further assay results from its ongoing drill program at the Begin-Lamarche project. The program, at 25,000 metres in size, is said to have seen 16,435 metres drilled so far.

Results released this morning come from four separate zones being drill-tested at Begin-Lamarche, which include the Phosphate Mountain, Northern, Northwestern, and the Southern zone. Highlights from the results include:

  • Phosphate Mountain
    • BL-24-48: 11.22% P2O5 over 2.0 metres from 18.0 metres depth, 15.01% P2O5 over 7.65 metres, 13.98% P2O5 over 8.25 metres
  • Northern
    • BL-24-36: 8.62% P2O5 over 52.4 metres from 1.6 metres depth, 6.83% P2O5 over 108.0 metres
    • BL-24-44: 6.72% P2O5 over 42.0 metres from 93.0 metres depth, 7.48% P2O5 over 90.6 metres
  • Northwestern
    • BL-24-49: 8.65% P2O5 over 33.0 metres from 72.5 metres depth
  • Southern
    • BL-24-37: 6.03% P2O5 over 42.0 metres from 84.0 metres depth
    • BL-24-43: 5.41% P2O5 over 258.0 metres from 111.0 metres depth
    • BL-24-47: 3.89% P2O5 over 151.0 metres from 153.0 metres depth

“Drilling at the Phosphate Mountain Zone continues to deliver phosphate strong mineralization. Drilling at the Phosphate Mountain Zone continues to deliver phosphate strong mineralization,” commented CEO John Passalacqua.

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Among the results, First Phosphate highlighted that the 2.0 metre intersect of 11.22% P2O5 in hole BL-24-48 consisted of massive apatite, while other results from the zone have yielded results of 30%+ apatite. Phosphate Mountain so far has seen 15 holes completed. Drilling at the Northern zone meanwhile has identified four mineralized phosphate layers that range from 50 to 100 metres in thickness within a 500 metre thick mineralized envelope that begins at surface.

Assay results have been returned for just 5,642 metres of drilling to date at the project.

First Phosphate last traded at $0.245 on the CSE.

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