Friday Recap: Week Ending February 9, 2018

Well, that was certainly an interesting week. From investors finally doing a Deep Dive on their investments, to the unusual volatility in major indexes, it was a wild and unexpected week for the markets. Hopefully you’re still with us as an investor and haven’t tossed in the towel just yet.

If you have one takeaway from this week, let it be this: always do your own deep dive on an investment. This fact alone can not be stressed enough. Many items were discovered by the masses this week, including the skin each individual has in the game. Don’t be caught off guard by this information, especially when it is publicly available via filings. If you’re placing your hard earned cash in an equity, make sure you are fully aware of what you are investing in.

With regards to company filings, there are several invaluable resources. If the equity is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, utilize the filings that are required by the exchange. Items such as the Form 9 (proposed issuance of listed securities) and Form 11 (proposed stock option grant) are an essential tool to investors on this junior exchange. These forms enable you to better grasp the involvement of individuals in the equity. Other key sources of information include SEDI and SEDAR which should be used prior to any investment.

Lastly, don’t forget to look at the macro market. Often times as investors, we get so focused on one particular sector that it prevents us from seeing the forest from the trees. This week served as a fresh reminder the impact that large market sentiment carries. The cannabis sector in particular had a number of stocks that closely followed large indexes. Sometimes it is not the individual company that drives bearish sentiment. Occasionally, its the market as a whole.


Friday Recap: Week Ending February 9, 2018


Choom Holdings Inc (CSE: CHOO)

Choom Holdings: The Essence of Hawaii

This weeks full analysis was conducted on Choom Holdings, one of the first lifestyle brands to enter the public Canadian cannabis markets. Choom is a company that derives much of its business plan from its namesake – The Choom Gang. In this regard, they have developed many aspects of the company around this. From the Hawaiian references in its product portfolio, to that of the laid-back lifestyle they are working on perpetuating. Within our full analysis we reference this branding strategy heavily, and identify that it is focused on creating a craft product rather than one that is mass produced. Dive in to our analysis to determine what this company currently has going for it, and what may be in store for it down the road.


Imagin Medical Inc (CSE: IME)

Imagin Medical & Its Convoluted Share Structure

For our first briefing this week, we revisited the first stock in which we ever covered – Imagin Medical. This one has resurfaced itself as a popular stock to own as of late, so we wanted to readdress it. We weren’t entirely satisfied with how we initially laid out the data, so we reworked our presentation of the company’s share structure. In addition to this update, we also addressed current insider holdings for the company and what they represent for shareholders.


Beleave Inc (CSE: BE)

Beleave Inc: A Three Point Snapshot

Yesterday, the facility owned by Beleave Inc was to experience it’s pre-sale inspection. With this being the final step towards becoming a fully licensed facility, we took the time to give the company a once over. To do so, we examined Beleave’s current facility in addition to the expansions currently underway. Further to this, we also address the current agreements in place with Cannabis Wheaton and how they stack up from a financial perspective. We round out the article with our favourite item – an analysis of the tight share structure that Beleave currently has.


Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp (CSE: CANN)

Heritage Cannabis: A Thirty Second Review

Our last briefing this week was focused squarely on Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. We previously covered this company just one month ago, and my how things have changed. Our focus of the article was identifying the latest developments on the company, while also providing some considerations for investors as well. Specifically, we covered the the company’s recent investment in an unrelated sector, along with its future potential due to a recent facility announcement. We rounded out the article with a look at the company’s requirements to pull it all together.


That’s all that we’ve got for this week folks. We were an article short this week if you didn’t catch it. This was the result of taking a night off to perform something that had been on our to-do list for ages already – a complete website redesign. We’d like your take on the redesign of the website, and are always open to suggestions. So if you like it, let us know. Hate it? We want to hear about that too. Shoot us an email or a private message on Twitter and let us know your thoughts on the matter.

Lastly, we’ve got a few new developments coming your way in the next little while. With any luck, they’ll allow you to make better decisions as an investor. Stick around to see what we’ve got coming your way.

Have a safe and happy weekend, and as always, Dive Deep.