#GreatPause2024: X Accounts Continue To Experience Unexplained Pauses In Ad Revenue Sharing

Creators on Elon Musk’s X continue to report that their accounts are being demonetized, with their ad revenue sharing eligibility put on pause without notice.

Early in February, we reported that Rawsalerts, the breaking news account with over 800,000 followers, had had its ad revenue sharing eligibility paused for the prior two to three weeks with no proper feedback from the platform, brought to light by podcaster Diligent Denizen. 

A few weeks on and pausing appears to still be a problem, reportedly affecting thousands of creators, and remaining largely unaddressed by the platform. Note that creators are required to pay the $8 monthly subscription fee to be eligible for ad revenue sharing.

A community has been created to help tackle what’s now called the #GreatPause2024, and here creators report that while some accounts have gotten their eligibility unpaused after being “hand-reviewed” by X staff, there is still no official explanation for why the pauses are happening.

There could be many reasons, and the issue seems to be affecting accounts with both big and small followings. A creator who goes by the X handle @Shotgunhunter1 has suggested it could have something to do with the algorithm flagging certain accounts as spam.

“So accounts that have extremely low low low engagement on their main page is flagging the algorithm as spam/manipulation because you only have a few followers most under 2,000 but only have less than 10 likes and comments on each posts. Yet you are doing millions in views,” they wrote. 

“I know it’s probably from a viral post or comment on a big account but it looks like you’re manipulating the system and algorithm is flagging it. For some reason I have 2,000 followers but don’t even get 2 likes on my posts and memes! Yet if I comment on a big accounts profile or posts I get 100s of likes and 100s of thousands of views. When 𝕏 reviews my profile they only see 40 views and 2 likes on an average post.”

As of this writing, X has yet to officially address the issue. Most creators are just being told that they violated the platform’s policies or terms of service.

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