Jagmeet Singh Virtue Signals to the Working Class Whilst Sporting a Rolex Watch

In preparation for the return of the House of Commons this month, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is taking aim at the Liberals and Conservatives, accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre over failing to stand up for working-class Canadians during a time of unprecedented inflation and price-gouging.

In an address to his caucus on Wednesday, Singh lamented to his supporters about the hardships ordinary, working-class Canadians are facing, including skyrocketing grocery prices and inadequate access to health care. In his mudslinging tirade, Singh accused Trudeau of allowing provinces to dismantle healthcare by creating a public-funded and privately-delivered medicare system.

“The prime minister has an opportunity right now to protect medicare while negotiating funding with the provinces. We all agree there should be strings attached. I think one of those conditions has to be straight-up no privatization,” he said.

The NDP leader also took aim at the Conservatives, accusing Poilievre of actively attempting to destroy Canada’s social programs. “Pierre Poillevre claims that everything in this country is broken. He makes that claim so that people think the only solution left is to tear it all down,” Singh exclaimed to the audience.

As humorous as it may sound, Singh insisted he plans to hold the Liberals to account despite the signing a supply-and-confidence agreement last March, vowing to use the concession to advance the NDP’s outstanding policies. “This NDP caucus is going to fight like hell for workers and families,” he added. “And then I’m going to run for prime minister.”

Although this time the audience didn’t burst into tears of laughter three times, there is a tone of insincerity in his message (certainly, we could say that about every politician, but we digress). Of course, his previous tenure as a criminal defence lawyer would have scored him some speaking experience before entering the political atmosphere in 2011, but someone needs to give the NDP leader some pointers— beginning with perhaps some discretion on luxury items whilst ordinary Canadians face unprecedented financial hardships.

In a continuation of his tirade, Singh took to twitter to praise the working class for standing up to Conservatives’ and billionaires’ agenda, and sending Poilievre a clear message “that attacks on working people will not be tolerated.” He also acknowledged the US midterm elections, commending Americans for “dealing a major blow to Conservative extremists.”

However, his message got convoluted among his twitter followers, who couldn’t help but notice the shiny Rolex watch on his wrist.

“How much was that Rolex you’re wearing, common man,” one follower wrote. Another user advised Singh’s social media team to take down the video because his message and the watch are too contradicting.

Of course, a Rolex watch is certainly out of the budget for the average Canadian— let alone the working class that Singh is virtue signalling to. Twitter users threw out various different estimations for the value of such a watch, but as per the Rolex website, the Submariner watch (judging by the video its likely the model he’s wearing) can fetch anywhere between $10,000 to $13,000. Can one still mudsling with sincerity against billionaire greed and sympathize with working-class Canadians whilst wearing a piece of jewellery that costs more than some workers’ annual salary? Asking for a friend.

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