MustGrow Biologics Files Patents For Bio-Herbicide

MustGrow Biologics Corp (CSE: MGRO) announced this morning that it has filed a number of patents related to its natural, mustard-derived technology in the field of herbicides. The patents aim to protect the firms intellectual property, which currently focuses on using the natural defenses of the mustard-seed in a commercial application as both a herbicide and a pesticide.

The patents that have been filed deal with both method-of-use as well as composition-of-matter claims for a biological non-selective bio-herbicide. Research conducted by the firm with the National Research Council of Canada suggests that herbicidal control is possible in as little as 72 hours on trial plants, which occurs from the root up – which may minimize exposure to non-target organisms. Multiple application methods were used in the testing of the product through the application rate tests.

The efficacious properties of our active ingredient as a bio-pesticide, bio-nematicide and bio-herbicide represent a key milestone for MustGrow. MustGrow has plans to further expand our data set and focus testing on hard to kill and herbicide-resistant weeds as well as to expand applications of our remarkable natural mustard-based technology.

MustGrow COO Colin Bletsky

MustGrow currently owns a number of patents related to method-of-use and composition-of-matter claims which cover a number of crop protection categories. The latest filing strengthens this portfolio, which focuses on controlling unwanted pests, diseases, and weeds through the use of a natural, science-based approach rather than that of chemistry-based products.

The global herbicides market is estimated to be worth approximately $24.6 billion, and is a significant portion of crop protection sales. The market is expected to grow significantly through to 2023, as the need for bio-herbicides increases as farmers turn away from synthetic alternatives.

MustGrow Biologics last traded at $0.56 on the CSE.

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