MustGrow Biologics Sees Positive Soil Health Results In Study

MustGrow Biologics (CSE: MGRO) has seen positive results from a third party confirmatory study related to the active ingredient in its mustard-based technology. The ingredient, Allyl Isothiocyanat, or AITC, has been found to positively impact soil health, confirming that natural AITC provides a healthy alternative to the use of synthetic chemicals.

The application of AITC has been found to return organic plant material to the soil as a part of the pre-plant treatment process. The ingredient also dissipates from the soil quickly, which prevents long-term toxicity to micro-organisms, enabling health soil to continue to thrive.

Fumigation through the use of AITC, while proven effective at controlling soil-borne diseases, has been shown via the study to improve diversity and structure optimization of soil fungal communities, with a large number of beneficial bacteria found to have been present as well. Fumigation has been proven to temporarily reduce diversity of the soil bacteria as it works to kill harmful diseases, while post-fumigation it has been found to have increased fungi related to plant disease control.

Comparatively, synthetic chemicals used in fumigation have been shown to have broad biocidal activity, which is harmful not only to diseases but also to beneficial bacteria, micro-organisms and fungi. As a result synthetic agents have been found to negatively impact soil health.

“The active ingredient, AITC, in MustGrow’s mustard plant-based technology is perfect for use in modern, more sustainable pest control strategies – a biopesticide that is effective, dissipates quickly, leaves no harmful residues, and once gone, improves the soil ecosystem.”

Dr Matthew J Morra, Scientific Advisor to MustGrow

MustGrow Biologics last traded at $2.05 on the CSE.

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