NDP’s Rachel Notley Alleges Conservatives Want To “Rip Apart” Healthcare In Alberta

Rachel Notley, the Leader of the Alberta NDP, revealed on X (fka Twitter) that her party will be sharing a mysterious set of documents she claims to have received in the mail. These 35 pages of documents allegedly detail a plan by the United Conservative Party (UCP) to significantly transform the healthcare system in Alberta, leading to the concentration of control in the Premier’s office.

Notley’s X thread exposed a presentation made to the Alberta cabinet, raising concerns about the potential dismantling of public health care in the province. The documents, which Notley claims she did not know the source of, have ignited a firestorm of controversy and concern among Albertans.

“This is a plan to massively concentrate control of healthcare in Danielle Smith’s office. It’s a blueprint for chaos in our clinics and hospitals,” Notley asserted in her thread.

Smith recently announced her government’s plans to decentralize Alberta Health Services (AHS), as she stated, “We’re going to ask them to make sure they are optimizing the use of each facility. That they’ve got the right patients in the right place receiving the right treatment.”

The decision comes after frustrations with decisions being made at a province-wide level. She emphasized the need to maintain central health region functionality while increasing local and zonal control. The process is expected to take 18 months to two years.

The documents Notley claims to have gathered outline the creation of several new agencies, including the Primary Care Organization, Acute Care Organization, Continuing Care Organization, Mental Health and Addictions Organization, Integration Council, Centre of Recovery Excellence, System Transformation Office, and the “Procurement and System Optimization Secretariat.”

Notley pointed out that the plan fails to address the shortage of healthcare professionals. It does not propose hiring more doctors, nurses, paramedics, nurse practitioners, or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). “On primary care, there’s not a word about how to hire more doctors or keep the ones we have,” Notley highlighted. “In fact, the government complains in this presentation that there are too many doctors!”

The Alberta NDP Leader expressed deep concern over the identified risks in the plan, including “Potential to Fragment Care Delivery” and “Risk of Service Disruption/Failure.” She emphasized that such risks could endanger patients’ lives and result in fragmented care and service disruptions.

According to Notley, the scheme appears to be an attempt to sell off and privatize public health care piece by piece, concentrating control in the Premier’s Office and potentially allowing the Premier, Danielle Smith, to override medical professionals’ decisions. Notley stressed that her vision of healthcare reform involves direct investment in frontline care and a massive recruitment and retention campaign, which she believes is at odds with the UCP’s intentions.

In conclusion, Notley warned, “This is an attempt to concentrate control of healthcare in the Premier’s Office. But what it will do is cause catastrophic chaos in our clinics, our hospitals, and for all Albertans.”

Notley failed to unseat Smith in the May elections, even though her party gained more seats in the legislative assembly.

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