New Poll Shows 64% Of Democrats Don’t Want Joe Biden In 2024

A new poll by the New York Times/Siena College shows that Democratic voters may be losing faith in President Joe Biden as people struggle with the rising cost of living and inflation. 64% of voters from his party would prefer to have someone else hold the banner for the 2024 presidential campaign. While 63% of Democrats believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction.

While 70% of Democrats still approve of the job the President is doing, the Republicans, pull down this figure to a measly 33% overall.

But, these numbers do not necessarily mean that Republicans want former president Donald Trump to return to the Whitehouse either. 57% of the respondents found Trump unfavorable, and if the 2024 election was held today, 44% of the respondents would vote for Biden versus 41% for Trump.

55% or majority of the respondents believe that Trump went so far that he threatened American democracy.

It’s still a tight match between the two if it’s going to be a repeat of the 2020 elections. But as mentioned, most of the respondents belonging to the Democratic party prefer that someone other than Biden represent the Democrats in 2024. 49% of Republicans, however, would still go for Trump, and only 25%, at the moment, would go for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis is known to be the closest to a rival to Trump for the Republican primary.

Democrats pointed out two main reasons for wanting a 2024 presidential nominee other than Biden: age (33%) and job performance (32%). Biden is currently 79 years old and will be 81 in 2024, and many Americans can’t help but blame his leadership for the current economic situation, which 58% of the respondents rate as “poor.”

The survey also asked what the respondents thought were the most important issues facing the country today, and the top five issues, predictably, were: the economy (20%), inflation and the cost of living (15%), the state of democracy/political division (11%), gun policies (10%), and abortion/women’s rights (5%).

When asked about his reaction to the results of the survey, Biden talked about different figures.

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