New Study Finds Americans Now Really Don’t Like Russia

A new poll by Gallup found that Americans’ “already-negative opinions of Russia” have sunk to a new low, dropping from 15% last year to just a 9% favorable view as of February 2023. This is the lowest since the research firm began tracking the figure in 1989.

The 2023 World Affairs poll found that 90% of Americans have an “unfavorable opinion” of Russia, with 59% of the respondents marking “very unfavorable.” This is a big jump compared to last year when the figure came in at 43%. In 2022, the survey was conducted from February 1-17, shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Americans’ opinion of Russia has been on a downtrend since the early 2000’s when it peaked in 2002 at 66%, shortly before long-time Russian leader Vladimir Putin and US President George W. Bush signed the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty, aka the Moscow Treaty.

The study also found that Americans’ opinion on Ukraine appears largely unchanged. 68% of Americans had a favorable view of Ukraine, compared to 62% last year. Those who viewed the country unfavorably fell from 34% to 31%.

A slight majority, or 56% of Americans also believe that Russia’s war in Ukraine is a critical threat to the US’ vital interests. The figure is also up but only slightly from last year’s 52%. 51%, meanwhile, see Russia’s military power as a critical threat, a figure that dropped from last year’s 59%, which Gallup says might be due to the prolonged battle with Ukraine. Many before the war believed that the Russian military would overwhelm Ukraine.

Gallup also notes that Americans are united in their opinion of Russia, even in this highly divisive climate. Respondents who identify as Republican and Democrat gave Russia the same favorable rating of 6%.

Russia joins three other least favorite countries in the below 10% club: Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. The record-holder for the lowest rating is Iraq which got 3% during the Gulf War in 1991.

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