Nina Agdal, Logan Paul’s Fiancee, Sues Dillon Danis; Argues Danis Acknowledges His Fault

Nina Agdal, Logan Paul’s fiancée, has reportedly initiated legal proceedings against Dillon Danis and sought a restraining order in response to relentless harassment she endured on social media. This controversy erupted after Danis shared a provocative video on his social media accounts, alleging that the woman featured in the video was Agdal. Despite his claims, many reports have dismissed this assertion.

This latest development follows a heated feud between Paul and Danis, which reached its peak when the MMA star crossed a line during the announcement of their October 14 fight. Paul had announced his return to the boxing ring on August 8, prompting Danis to initiate a social media war.

Danis declared that he possessed several other embarrassing photos and videos of Agdal, stating, “I wanna drop these nukes I have of Nina so bad it would literally break the internet.”

This contentious situation has been ongoing for at least a month, with Dillon using various social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), to post topless pictures of Agdal in an apparent attempt to provoke Logan. It’s worth noting that these photos appear to have been taken with Agdal’s consent. Additionally, pictures of her former boyfriends were also unearthed during this ongoing feud.

Agdal has now taken legal action, alleging that she endured humiliation and emotional distress due to Dillon Danis’s relentless online harassment. In the lawsuit, Nina specifically highlighted a sexually explicit photo that Dillon shared on August 11, which she claims violates both federal and state laws. According to the Daily Mail, Nina asserted that this explicit photo was from a “romantic encounter” she had over a decade ago.

Furthermore, Agdal asserted that Danis himself acknowledged his unlawful conduct, citing him saying, “If you dated [Plaintiff], right, and you sent me a picture of her naked in bed, that’s, that’s like illegal that’s defamation of character.”

In her lawsuit, Agdal stated, “Danis posted the photograph, entirely uncensored, from his X (Twitter) account, without Plaintiff’s consent. Later that day, Danis reposted the explicit photograph the number of views it would receive.” She further claimed that Danis removed the post only after Misfits Boxing, the organizers of his fight with Paul, threatened to cancel the showdown.

Among the other posts shared by Danis that distressed Agdal was an old video in which she discussed her “desire for intimacy during a period of celibacy.” Agdal asserted that this video had been stored in her Snapchat archive, suggesting that Danis had either hacked her personal account or obtained the private video from someone who had done so. The lawsuit contends that Agdal “had self-recorded that video, and she never shared that private video recording with anyone.”

In his defense, Danis posted on X that Agdal “has filed a massive lawsuit against [him]” and mistakenly concluded that she is “seeking prison time.”

“This is actually wild but I won’t stop f*ck the system come get me. Logan Paul is a dead man walking,” Danis added.

Danis added that he “will provide more details when [he] can” but claimed that since this is a federal case, he can’t at this time.

Agdal is seeking unspecified damages, with a minimum of $150,000 per violation of federal laws prohibiting the sharing of intimate images. She has also requested the court to prohibit Danis from sharing any further inappropriate photos or videos featuring her.

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