Noram Ventures Sees 95% Lithium Recovery In Latest Leaching Tests

A further market update on the success of leaching tests was released by Noram Ventures (TSXV: NRM) this morning. Subsequent to the prior update, the company has seen the second round of leaching experiments yield up to 1230 ppm lithium, equating to 95% recovery.

The chloride based leaching tests are being conducted by that of Activation Laboratories out of Ancaster, Ontario. The latest results come through the use of a moderate HCI and halide concentration within the solution, as well as moderate temperatures for up to two hours. While the tests yielded 1230 ppm lithium, the original sample had 1290 ppm lithium – equating to 95% recovery.

The latest round of testing has reportedly produced much better results than that of the sulfate-based experiments conducted by the company in 2018. This is notable, given that there is a lower chance for scaling or undesirable mineral precipitation during treatment when using a chloride based solution rather than a sulfate based solution. It also negates the need for a sulfuric acid plant to be built on site, reducing a significant CAPEX item.

The company intends to further optimize the leaching process through further experiments within Q1 2021. The studies are intended to be used for the preliminary economic assessment slated to be completed this year.

Noram Ventures last traded at $0.93 on the TSX Venture.

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