Poll Suggests Most Americans Believe That The US Isn’t Taking The Threat Of A War With China Seriously

A recent nationwide survey found that a majority of Americans believe that the United States does not consider itself to be at war with the Chinese government, but a significant portion of the same respondents think that the communist regime considers itself to be at war with the US.

The poll, which was conducted by the nonprofit Convention of States Action with survey company Trafalgar Group, surveyed 1,084 respondents from September 2 to 5. The respondents are deemed likely to vote in the midterms from across the political spectrum. 

40% of the respondents said that China’s ruling party, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), believes it is at war with the US. 60% of Republican respondents said they believe that China’s ruling party, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), considers it is at war with the US. Only 26% of Democrat respondents agreed.

But regardless of political affiliation, the majority of the respondents believe that the US may not be taking the threat of a war with China as seriously. 

Tensions between the two nations have been perilously escalating, with analysts making uneasy allusions to a Cold War.

As Beijing and Washington grow farther apart, Beijing is finding more reasons to ally with Moscow — they already have running autocracies in common, and now they can add the desire to stand against what China perceives as American hegemony. 

As the survey suggests, the US isn’t sounding the alarm. At least perhaps not yet. Not even after Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan caused Beijing to cancel three rounds of military talks and took a rain check on multiple discussions on climate and international crime.

But maybe things will change after Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in person this week.

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