TikTok Wants Your iPhone Passcode and It’s Not Saying Why

Many users reported that TikTok was suddenly asking them to enter their iPhone passcode before they could access the app. And disconcertingly (but not unexpectedly), the viral video app owned by China-based Bytedance downplayed the issue. They also did not say what was causing it.

According to Dataconomy and Dexterto, there could be a number of reasons causing this bug. One of them is being in Restricted Mode. The feature requires users to enter their passcode to view certain content.

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The other potential reasons identified were glitches or bugs in the software, security measures or updates, and possibly app updates and changes. Apple also rolled out two urgent security updates for iOS users around the same time, with the more recent one patching a bug that allowed access to sensitive user data.

In a comment to the New York Post, TikTok simply claimed that the issue had been resolved. 

“The iOS passcode prompt was a bug resulting from an update we’ve begun to introduce in the U.S. in partnership with our U.S. security partner,” they explained. 

“This issue impacted a small number of people, we’ve resolved it, and people won’t see the prompt going forward. The passcode is used by the iOS operating system to help verify user identity. Neither TikTok nor our U.S. security partner were able to collect or access people’s iOS passcodes.”

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