Tinley Beverage: Production In Canada Commences

Tinley Beverage Co (CSE: TNY) this morning formally announced its Canadian provider has received its license from Health Canada. More significantly, the company announced that its cannabis emulsion provider has commenced production of the cannabis-infused emulsion for Tinley’s products within Canada.

It appears that the production on Tinley’s beverages will be a two step process in Canada, with the emulsion provider then delivering its product to the Canadian manufacturer for bottling. Notably, the emulsion provider will be producing an emulsion that is substantially identical as that of what is used by the company at its Californian operations. Manufacturing of the emulsion is taking place under the supervision of scientific personnel from the firms Californian operations.

The emulsion is said to “enable consumers to enjoy an uplifting sativa effect with a rapid onset,” while also featuring shelf stability, active dispersion of material throughout the beverage, and consistent dosing.

With respect to the firms manufacturing partner, there are no further licensing conditions that need to occur before production can begin for Tinley’s products. Facility readiness is expected this month, in line with the October 30, 2020 deadline previously outlined by the company. Here, Tinley is clear in that the ability to have its products available in Canada is dependent on the manufacturer’s facility being fully operational, however appears that it will begin this month.

Regarding the Notice of New Cannabis Product notification for Health Canada, the company has indicated that it expects to submit the paperwork for approval within the next ten days. The final manufactured products will then be eligible for sale at the earlier of 60 days from this date, and the potential earlier approval by Health Canada. In terms of the concerns related to the sales license, the manufacturer expects to sell under another licensed producers sales license, removing concerns related to delays related to this licensing.

Further, its distribution partner Great North Distributors has already begun initial conversations with provincial cannabis boards, with significant interest from at least two notable buyers already being indicated. Tinley’s looks to make its products available throughout the country.

“We are beyond delighted to be moving forward with production of our products in Canada. Our Canadian partners have demonstrable track records of excellence in manufacturing, sales and overall craftsmanship. This combination of partners effectively positions us for a robust launch, and we look forward to giving consumers across Canada the opportunity to enjoy our award-winning beverages.”

Jeff Maser, Founder & CEO

Tinley Beverage Co last traded at $0.46 on the CSE.

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