BioVaxys Announces Study On Modified Spike Protein In COVID-19 Vaccine To Reduce Risk Of Rare Side Effects

BioVaxys Technology Corp. (CSE: BIOV) announced this morning that it has initiated a study on the reduced ACE2 binding capabilities of the hapten-modified spike protein in its COVID-19 vaccine. When vaccine spike proteins bind with the ACE2 receptors in the heart, this may lead to rare side effects related to the heart and blood.

“Biovaxys will compare the binding of haptenized spike protein with the non-haptenized. The results could provide evidence that our vaccine has lowered potential for some of the observed serious vaccine side effects,” said Biovaxys Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Berd.

As relayed by the company’s chief executive officer James Passin, haptenization is a method that “[inhibits] the ACE2-binding ability of the spike protein” in the vaccine. The company’s COVID-19 vaccine, BVX-0320, has a portion of the spike protein modified by the hapten, dinitrophenyl.

The biotech firm cited a peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Hematological Oncology concluding that the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 binds to the ACE2 receptor in our body which prevents the latter from converting angiotensin II, a hormone that contributes to narrowing vessels to increase blood pressure. This binding event leads to the potential of developing pulmonary and cardiovascular issues when contracting the pandemic virus.

The company’s theory is the same unwanted binding also happens with the vaccine spike protein and the ACE2 receptors in the heart or platelet factor 4, potentially causing rare side effects like abnormal blood clotting or myocarditis. The study is being initiated to determine if the reduced ACE2 binding capability of a haptenized vaccine spike protein could also mean a lesser possibility of side effects.

Related to this, the firm entered into an agreement with Millipore-Sigma to supply BVX-0320 while currently finalizing arrangements with a certain US research institution to collaborate with for the study.

BioVaxys Technology last traded at $0.50 on the CSE.

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