BitBoy Crypto Got Arrested While Streaming His Attempt To Get His Lamborghini Back

Ben Armstrong, the prominent crypto influencer known as BitBoy Crypto, seemingly got arrested on Monday. The online personality seemed to have intended to broadcast live on YouTube his attempt to confront an individual named Carlos Diaz to “get his Lamborghini back” and went on a rage of conspiracy theories, before the police arrived to arrest him.

“If Carlos Diaz comes out of his house and tries to kill me live on YouTube, then it’s just gonna have to be what it’s gonna be, Carlos,” Armstrong said.

This comes hours after Armstrong posted a tweet saying he’s “going live soon from a very special location on YouTube.”

Armstrong was broadcasting live talking about his conspiracy theory that involves his crypto asset BEN coin and US Congresswoman Maxine Waters before the police arrived.

In August, the BitBoy Crypto platform made the decision to disassociate itself from its eponymous founder. The parent company of Hit Network opted to sever its connections with Armstrong, attributing the decision to concerns regarding substance abuse issues and the financial repercussions endured by the workforce.

Diaz is reportedly connected to Hit Network, the firm that is managing the BitBoy Crypto platform, and whom Armstrong is alleging that has been threatening to kill him and his wife.

In this recent livestream, Armstrong can be heard asserting that his action is “not paranoia, not a crazy person, not erratic, and not someone who is on drugs.”

“This is someone who’s been in the fear for his life for too long… I will really enjoy the cops coming here,” he said on the video.

Armstrong seemed to continue broadcasting even while the cops were questioning him. When asked if he had a weapon in his person, the influencer said no but he has one in his truck.

When the police asked about who’s in the truck with him, Armstrong reluctantly admitted that his BitBoy Crypto co-founder and alleged mistress, Cassie Wolfe, was in the vehicle. He also immediately clarified that his wife knows where he is and what he’s doing.

“Cassie is the girl I had an affair with. She’s involved in this situation with me and this guy (Carlos) right here. My wife knows. We were just in my daughter’s tennis match,” he further explained to the police, adding that Wolfe and he were there to confront Diaz because he’s “death-threatening” and he “stole [his] Lamborghini.”

Armstrong’s livestream video seems to have been taken down.

While there are speculations that this may be a stunt, as of this writing, Armstrong hasn’t posted anything on social media, leading more credence to his arrest.

UPDATE: Armstrong posted on X and attempted to make light of the ordeal by stating, “My name is Ben and I’m a loiterer. I did 8 whole hours in the slammer.”

In connection with his arrest, Armstrong was charged with loitering and “simple assault by placing another in fear” by the Gwinnett County Police. Each charge came with a $1,300 bond.

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2 thoughts on “BitBoy Crypto Got Arrested While Streaming His Attempt To Get His Lamborghini Back

  • September 26, 2023 8:43 PM at 8:43 pm

    well as long as his wife knows. I hope his wife takes him for all he has including his car.

  • September 25, 2023 11:36 PM at 11:36 pm

    Ben obviously needs medical care like the psychological kind. He’s out of control feeling bad. But he’s brought on this scenario and will get defamed because of it.


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