BitBoy Crypto Is Selling His Bored Ape (Except It May Not Be His)

Ben Armstrong, more popularly known as BitBoy Crypto, is selling his Bored Ape NFT, just a few weeks after claiming that Hit Network, the entity that owns the BitBoy Crypto brand, is in control of all his crypto-related assets.

Armstrong paid 56ETH for the NFT, which is part of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club, in April this year. He’s open to offers, and also mentioned that the NFT has a “$10k physical statue and a $2500 painting that exist, but @VoomioNFT will have to release them.” Voomio is another brand under Hit Network.

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Making matters more sketchy is that the NFT in question has already been leveraged and the money was used to pay for his legal bills. Armstrong says that the only money he’ll make from the sale will be the money left after the loan is settled.

BJ Investment Holdings, the parent company of Hit Network, kicked out founder Armstrong in late August due to concerns regarding substance abuse issues and causing “emotional, physical and financial damage” to people in the company.

Armstrong has been in a strange spiral since his ousting from his company. Last week, he was arrested while attempting to “get his Lamborghini back” after it was seized.

The crypto influencer spent eight hours in jail for loitering and “simple assault by placing another in fear” by the Gwinnett County Police. Each charge came with a $1,300 bond.

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