BitBoy Crypto Spends 8 Hours “In The Slammer” After YouTube Livestream Arrest

It appears that after the events that unfolded last night with Ben Armstrong, who is also known as BitBoy Crypto, Armstrong ended up spending roughly eight hours in a county jail.

The crypto influencer comically was arrested on a YouTube livestream while attempting to confront an individual named Carlos Diaz to “get his Lamborghini back.” The car, which Armstrong claims as his, was lost by Armstrong after he was pushed out of the BitBoy Crypto platform. With the car registered in the company’s name, it also meant he lost access to it when he was removed from the organization, which was said to be as a result of substance abuse issues.

In connection with his arrest, Armstrong was charged with loitering and “simple assault by placing another in fear” by the Gwinnett County Police. Each charge came with a $1,300 bond.

Source: Gwinnett County Sheriff

Following his release, Armstrong attmpted to make light of the ordeal by stating, “My name is Ben and I’m a loiterer. I did 8 whole hours in the slammer.”

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