Farts In Jars: The Next Big NFT?

Today we look at Stephanie Matto, a former star from 90 Day Fiance, who recently monetized her 280k+ following selling her farts in jars for $1,000 per jar. Demand was so strong for these jars she ended up selling up to $50,000 worth of jars per week.

In the end, Stephanie found herself hospitalized from forcing out all the gas and telling her Doctor she had simply changed her diet. She is now selling her farts as NFTs.

This isn’t the first blow to the ‘farts in a jar’ community – the website SendaJart.com is no longer allowing for sales of Jarts through their marketplace.

Not a recommendation to buy or sell. Always do additional research and consult a professional before purchasing a security. The author holds no licenses.

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