HydroGraph: Commercial Production Slated To Begin Early 2023

HydroGraph Clean Power (CSE: HG) is looking for 2023 to be a blockbuster year in terms of business development and growth. The firm this morning revealed its outlook for 2023, with a goal on focusing on three key areas for substantial growth.

Deeming 2023 as “the year of growth,” HydroGraph will be focusing its efforts on the areas of production scaling, application development, sales growth as it looks to execute upon a commercialization strategy.

The strategy of commercialization is set to start with production scaling, for which the company is taking a modular commercial scale approach. HydroGraph intends to to complete the “most compact and environmentally friendly production unit in the market,” this year, which will be capable of producing 10 tonnes of graphene per year with a footprint less than 3 metres by 3 metres.

Each unit is expected to generate $1.0 million in profit, with capital costs slated to be “less than 5% of one year’s full sales.” The modular nature of the units meanwhile will enable clients to utilize numerous units at the same site to increase production capacity.

EPA approval of the units meanwhile is said to already be underway, with commercial scale production scheduled to be on-stream in early 2023.

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In terms of application development, a second graphene product is already said to be in development, designed specifically for the lubrication market, which will produce a graphene featuring a 40% reduction in friction. Products are also being designed for the resin and composites markets, and most significantly, the battery market, for which the company has indicated that it has developed a graphene product that improves battery charging rates by over 42% based on preliminary results.

Lastly, the company is focusing on sales growth. Key to this is a sales approach that involves enabling potential customers to complete longevity testing on HydroGraph’s graphene products, which typically takes six to twelve months, after which clients will move into a multi-year graphene supply agreement, and thereby generating revenues for the company.

This approach is being utilized as a means of instilling “a sense of trust in graphene” among potential customers, which goes hand-in-hand with being the only verified graphene producer in the Americas.

Nearly a dozen active NDA’s are said to currently be in play, with samples already shipped to potential clients.

Hydrograph Clean Power last traded at $0.14 on the CSE.

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