HydroGraph Sees Study Indicate Its Graphene Provides Superior Performance In Li-O2 Batteries

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HydroGraph Clean Power (CSE: HG) has seen an positive development in that a study has indicated that its graphene has surpassed the performance of the previously leading cathode carbon materials within a lithium-oxygen battery test.

The study, published in the Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, demonstrated that through the use of the firms high-purity fractal graphene, lithium-oxygen batteries were able to overcome challenges related to efficient electocatalysis. The breakthrough was able to demonstrate a better performing battery that could be manufactured at a lower cost relative to the incumbent.

The study was lead by Dr Xianglin Li, who at the time of the study was an Associate Professor at the University of Kansas, but now holds the role of Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Washington University in St. Louis.

“We are incredibly proud of the breakthrough our team has achieved. HydroGraph’s graphene showcases unparalleled capabilities in electrocatalysis, unlocking new possibilities for Li-O2 batteries and accelerating the transition to cleaner energy solutions,” commented Li.

Lithium-oxygen batteries are said to be one of the most promising options for energy storage solutions, however challenges with efficient electrocatalysis impacting its performance has hampered global adoption to date. HydroGraph referred to the study results as “a groundbreaking achievement in the field of energy storage.”

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The results of the study follow the company announcing earlier this month it had reached a key milestone in terms of its graphene production, denoting that its method of production is said to be one of the cheapest methods in terms of CapEx in the industry. HydroGraph’s Hyperion system is reportedly capable of producing over 10 metric tons per year of fractal graphene, with its small modular footprint enabling it to be integrated into production lines.

HydroGraph last traded at $0.095 on the CSE.

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