HydroGraph Enters Final Testing Phase For Graphene Production Unit

HydroGraph Clean Power (CSE: HG) has entered the final testing phase for its Hyperion System, which is designed to produce high-purity graphene.

Full assembly of the testing unit has been completed, with testing at the individual reaction chamber level said to have been successful. The company is now in the process of final testing of the unit, which is being conducted as a complete production unit. Results to date are said to have confirmed that the total capex cost per metric ton of graphene “will be one of the lowest, if not the lowest, in the industry.”

The Hyperion system produces 99.8% purity graphene, which is said to be the highest quality graphene on the market, via a detonation process. The unit uses a hydrocarbon gas, which it ignites with an electric spark, to create the graphene, with the equipment containing no rotating equipment or solvents, and using little energy while generating no greenhouse gas emissions.

Two variants of graphene can currently be produced, including a standard fractal graphene that is ideal for adding strength, water resistance, flexibility and electrical conductivity to materials. The other variant, reactive graphene, is ideal for chemically combining with other products, offering a superior bonding process than other products on the market.

Each system is capable of producing approximately 10 tons of graphene per year, with its compact 3 metre by 3 metre size being modular in nature, allowing for the scale-up of additional production if required.

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The company is said to currently be engaged in meaningful discussions with over 30 potential customers, with over a dozen testing agreements expected to be in place by the end of this month. Current clients are said to be testing the product in over 20 different applications, including the lubrication market, where its product can reduce friction by over 50%, and the energy storage market, where the firms graphene can improve charge acceptance in lead acid batteries by a reported 47%.

HydroGraph last traded at $0.11 on the CSE.

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