HydroGraph Estimates Hyperion Graphene Production To Be Among Lowest CapEx In Industry

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A key milestone has been reached by HydroGraph Clean Power (CSE: HG) in the development of its patented Hyperion System, which has been designed to produce high-purity graphene. The milestone is said to be related to the ability to produce commercial scale-quantities of graphene.

The milestone specifically is that the Hyperion system, which uses readily available oxygen and acetylene as its inputs, will be able to produce graphene at one of the lowest capex costs per metric ton in the industry. Specifics were not provided in dollar terms. The fractal graphene produced by the system is intended to serve numerous markets, including lubricants, resins, coatings, specialty chemicals, and energy storage, with 20 different applications currently being investigated, with 15 testing and NDA agreements currently underway.

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Hyperion is a modular system, measuring just two metres by two metres. Each machine is capable of producing over 10 metre tons per year of fractal graphene, and can be engineered to have additional reactive graphene functionalization. The modular nature and small footprint enables the system to be integrated into production lines, with one operator capable of operating multiple systems.

The current commercialization model has HydroGraph opening several regional production facilities in 2024, which will produce graphene that is sold under long term contracts. Lead time for the construction of additional units is currently estimated at just three to four months.

“A year ago, we challenged ourselves to design and construct a commercial scale graphene production unit at the lowest capital cost in the world. In a year, we have gone from a rudimentary proof-of-concept unit to this powerful production system. With the advancement of this unit, I am proud to say the Hydrograph team has exceeded both cost and production expectations, further positioning HydroGraph as the leader in production of high purity graphene,” commented Stephen Corkill, VP of Operations for HydroGraph.

HydroGraph last traded at $0.105 on the CSE.

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