HydroGraph Enters Into Commercial Agreement

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HydroGraph Clean Power (CSE: HG) is reporting this morning that it has entered into a commercial agreement, however details on the matter are scarce.

The arrangement is said to be with an “advanced materials supply chain firm,” with the agreement said to accelerate the applications development, market introduction, and commercial use of its graphene across various key industries. The undisclosed company is said to have extensive experience in the development and commercial use of advanced materials, with a focus on graphene applications.

“We are very pleased and excited to be working with this distinctive advanced materials firm. This organization is an exceptional resource and advocate for the effective incorporation of graphene into numerous high-potential applications that can benefit from HydroGraph’s unique and powerful technology,” commented Jennifer Carmichael, Director of Business Development, Lubricants and Specialty Chemicals for HydroGraph.

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The transaction, labelled as a strategic partnership, is expected to increase the market reach of HydroGraph’s graphene, while increasing application development at the same time.

“The signing of this agreement solidifies our highly collaborative, synergistic, and impactful relationship, which has already led to new customer applications that are currently in development,” continued Carmichael.

Financial details of the commercial agreement were not disclosed.

HydroGraph last traded at $0.11 on the CSE.

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