Jaguar Land Rover to Develop Hydrogen-Powered Prototype, Begin Testing This Year

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is the latest company to further its zero emission ambitions, and has already begun work on a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle prototype.

On Tuesday, JLR, which is owned by India-based Tata Motors, announced that it will begin testing a hydrogen fuel cell prototype based on its Land Rover Defender model sometime later this year. The vehicle will go through a series of tests to “verify key attributes such as off-road capability and fuel consumption.”

The latest plan is part of the company’s broader emphasis on meeting tightening emission requirements in the EU and China. Earlier this year, Tata Motors revealed that its Jaguar brand will be fully electric by 2025, while its Land Rover brand will boast six new fully electric models within the next five years. Although the broader auto industry is heavily focused on developing battery-powered electric vehicles to the market, JLR is part of a smaller group of automakers taking an alternative route towards hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Hydrogen cells, which emit water when they produce electricity, can be the key for larger vehicles that are operated in extreme climates. According to JLR, hydrogen fuel cells “provide high energy density and rapid refuelling, and minimal loss of range in low temperatures, making the technology ideal for larger, longer-range vehicles, or those operated in hot or cold environments.”

In addition to emitting zero harmful emissions, hydrogen fuel cells also offer a better range when compared to their battery-powered counterpart. However, despite the prospective attributes, there is currently very little charging infrastructure to support mass adoption of the hydrogen cell technology.

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