Jared Birchall: The Man Behind Elon Musk’s Many, Many Ventures (And Potential Conflicts Of Interests)

In the complex world of Elon Musk’s business empire, one name frequently surfaces in the shadows: Jared Birchall. A former wealth manager, Birchall has become Musk’s go-to fixer, holding multiple high-profile positions across Musk’s ventures.

Despite his background, Birchall holds multiple roles that include CEO of Neuralink, CFO of xAI, and treasurer of The Boring Company. His extensive responsibilities raise questions about potential conflicts of interest and the feasibility of managing such diverse roles effectively.

X user @ZeroSumBond highlighted the potential conflict in Birchall’s multiple roles, calling it blatantly offensive and referring to it as something that must be reported to regulatory bodies.

“Elon’s fixer is simultaneously CEO of Neuralink and CFO of 2 separate Musk entities. There are no lines between the companies,” he posted.

In addition to his executive positions at Neuralink, xAI, and The Boring Company, he is also involved with the Dogecoin Foundation and the Musk Foundation. He also serves as the CEO of Foundation Security LLC, an armored car and detective company​, and the sole director in Horse Ranch LLC, an entity that purchased land near Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas.

His duties extend beyond corporate management to personal tasks for Musk, such as arranging travel, handling security, and even managing nanny hires​.

The simultaneous holding of multiple executive positions by Birchall raises significant concerns regarding conflicts of interest. As CEO of Neuralink, he is responsible for leading a company focused on developing brain-machine interfaces, a role that typically demands extensive knowledge and experience in neuroscience. Birchall’s background, however, is in wealth management, not neuroscience, which has led to criticism about his qualifications for the role​.

Similarly, his role as CFO of xAI, a company dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence, alongside his position as treasurer of The Boring Company, could present overlapping interests that may not always align with the best practices of corporate governance.

“You’d want someone with experience in neuroscience leading Neurolink, not an ex-wealth manager with no experience running co’s. Also, CFO with no accounting experience? Not to mention he paid an ex-CON under an alias to dig up dirt on the Thai diver,” added Zero Sum Bond.

Birchall’s involvement in controversial activities, such as hiring a private investigator to dig up dirt on British cave diver Vernon Unsworth, who criticized Musk, underscores his willingness to take measures to protect Musk’s interests.

The former banker also played a role in Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. He was said to be responsible for negotiating and securing the complex financing required for the deal, which included a $12.5 billion loan tied to Musk’s Tesla shares. Birchall coordinated with major financial institutions like Morgan Stanley and other investors to ensure the deal’s success​. His efforts also reportedly included direct negotiations with investors such as Larry Ellison, Sequoia Capital, and Binance, ensuring they contributed over $7 billion in equity to the deal​.

Birchall’s career began in financial services, with stints at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. He was dismissed from Merrill Lynch for unauthorized correspondence with a client. Subsequently, he worked at Morgan Stanley as a senior vice president before being hired by Musk in 2016 to manage his family office, Excession LLC.

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