‘MAGA Rap’ Pioneer Forgiato Blow Has Song Against Bud Light

A white rapper named Kurt Jantz, a.k.a. Forgiato Blow and “mayor of MAGAville” (the actual title of one of his albums), recently unveiled a new song that targets Bud Light.

Jantz believes the new track is his way of doing service to the public, and told Fox News that “somebody has to stand up for the kids. That’s why they start with this agenda with the younger group — they’re easily manipulized.”

The track called Fock Bud Light, which was posted a month ago on YouTube, opens with a sample of Tucker Carslon’s reporting on the Bud Light drama. The lyrics to the two-minute song, not surprisingly, are mostly “fock Bud Light.” The images feature a number of middle-aged men awkwardly holding up and then emptying Bud Light cans. They also light a couple of cases on fire. 

The music video has been watched over 100,000 times as of this writing. And while he asked his followers to “FOCK BUD LIGHT SEND THIS B!TCH TO #1,” it has yet to hit the charts.

Jantz is a native of Florida and a staunch Donald Trump supporter. He has pioneered a genre of hip-hop music called ‘MAGA rap.’ According to his Wikipedia page, he’s released a total of 35 albums so far.

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One thought on “‘MAGA Rap’ Pioneer Forgiato Blow Has Song Against Bud Light

  • June 20, 2023 6:21 AM at 6:21 am

    Ok, Shit I actually REALLY REALLY agree and LOVE the fact dude is voicing the HUGE but seemingly silent FACT that: ……….(a.)Bud Light SUCKs! i.e. : (b.) tastes TERRIBLE..! (c.) LOWWWW alchy content (attracts bottom of the barrel scum-bro-bags for some reason. Like they can’t help it! lol
    (this is hilarious….! btw lol)


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