Mind Cure Health: A Glance At The Latest Additions To The Advisory Team

Over the course of the last two weeks, Mind Cure Health (CSE: MCUR) has slowly released to the public the makeup of their advisory board. The mental health and wellness firm has managed to amass a series of high profile names as a part of this advisory team, bringing together some of the biggest names within the mental health and wellness space to advise the firm on its path forward.

In connection with this series of announcements, we thought it would be fitting to peer into the latest additions to the team of advisory board members to better understand what they bring to the table for Mind Cure Health.

Dr Dan Engle

The first announcement made this month in relation to the advisor team is that of Dr Dan Engle, a world renowned physician that has extensively studied both psychiatry and neurology. Notably, he is known for his psychedelic research, wherein he combines functional medicine with integrative psychiatry. Currently, he is the Medical Director at the Kuya Institute for Transformational Medicine.

Given his vast experience in the field, Engle will work towards advancing Mind Cure in the area of psychedelic research, treatment, and integration. His trans-disciplinary approach to medicine, wherein he brings together psychiatry, neurocognitive restoration, and psychedelic research, is expected to push forward Mind Cure in the areas of psychedelic product research and discovery, tech integration, and clinical research.

Engle has had his work featured on a number of platforms given his outspoken advocacy for alternative medicines, with appearances including on well known Youtube channels and podcasts, such as Onnit, Human Biography, and The Joe Rogan Experience.

Hamilton Morris

The announcement of Dr Dan Engle joining the board was shortly followed up by another high profile appoint – that of Hamilton Morris. A chemist, filmmaker, and science journalist by trade, Morris is the director of the Viceland documentary series known as Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, wherein he explores the chemistry and traditions involved within psychoactive drugs.

His extensive research had included the study of fungi, chemicals, and psychoactive plants, in addition to the culture that is heavily involved with their use. He currently takes a science-first approach to the topic, serving as an active member of the scientific community while conducting research at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Much like Dr Engle, Hamilton has become a known advocate on the topic of psychedelics, having placed himself in a position of frequent consultation. Aside from his own documentary series in which he directs, he has been a high profile guest on the popular Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, with one of his episodes garnering over 7.5 million views.

Dr Jason Wallach

Announced the day following the appointment of Hamilton Morris, it appears to be little coincidence that Wallach was also appointed to the advisory board of Mind Cure. Wallach currently teaches in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Substance Use Disorders Institute at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, where he also holds a PhD in pharmacology from. Notably, this is the same facility in which Morris conducts his research.

Acting as an advisor to Mind Cure, Wallach will focus on advising research and drug discovery for both psychedelic and nootropic purposes. Given his interest in how drugs can alter a person’s reality while also causing a lasting impact, he currently spends his time researching how existing drugs and new formulations can best help patients, which will be of benefit to Mind Cure as it looks at new ways to treat mental health.

Much like his peers, he has been heavily involved in the psychedelic renaissance. Dr Wallach currently has over 20 peer-reviewed publications to his name, while also being a featured guest on numerous podcasts and seminars related to psychedelics. Notably, he has a history of working with Morris as well given their mutual interests.

Jon Bier

The final announcement as of late related to Mind Cure Health’s advisory board, is that of Jon Bier. A step away from the trend, Bier is an experienced PR professional, having found Jack Taylor PR, a boutique public relations firm based out of New York with additional offices in LA. Bier also serves as a marketing professor at New York University.

Having served with world leading health and wellness brands, Bier will be tasked with bringing the mission of Mind Cure to life through telling the story of functional medicine and psychedelics. He intends to craft the Mind Cure story in a manner that “builds an iconic brand with integrity.”

With over fifteen years of experience in marketing and public relations, Bier is said to be an expert storyteller and brand builder.

“Our industry needs people like Jon to tell the story of the revolution in mental health care, the value of nootropic products and the momentum in psychedelic research in the right way. We are committed to building Mind Cure the right way, and Jon will help us to share this message of trust and integrity with the market and connect with our future customers.”

Philip Tapley, Mind Cure Chairman, President, and CEO

Collectively, the latest additions will provide guidance to Mind Cure as it continues on its path of enhancing mental health and wellness. The firm aims to identify, develop and bring to market products that work towards this mission of easing suffering, increasing productivity and improving mental health, in both the areas of psychedelics as well as that of nootropics. This enhanced advisory team will look to further push Mind Cure along this path.

Mind Cure Health last traded at $0.76 on the CSE.

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