MustGrow Biologics Demonstrates 100% Control Of Panama Disease In Lab Tests

MustGrow Biologics (CSE: MGRO) has received the results from initial laboratory testing that was conducted in Colombia against the Panama Disease. The disease, which has been devastating the global banana industry, has proven to be no match against the firms mustard-derived biopesticide formulation.

Testing against the disease with MustGrow’s proprietary formula was conducted by third party independent laboratory CyberAgrot SAS using official government protocols. Results revealed that the formulation demonstrated 100% effectiveness against the disease, which is formally known as Fusarium wilt TR4. The feat is something never believed to have been achieved previously by an agri-science team.

Results from these initial tests are to be used as a “beachhead” for further advanced testing that will be used to achieve registration for the formulation in Colombia and other banana producing countries.

Testing under the official protocol saw all samples treated with the natural organic biopesticide demonstrate 100% control of the fusarium variety. The control samples meanwhile, which did not have MustGrow’s formulation applied, saw the Fusarium continue to grow in comparison. Five different rates of the formulation were applied, with each application rate showing 100% control of the disease. Further testing will now be conducted to determine if the formulation will control Panama Disease in greenhouse and field settings.

Panama Disease currently has no known effective treatment, with the disease able to remain in soil for decades while leading to 100% yield loss in some instances.

MustGrow Biologics last traded at $0.80 on the CSE.

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