Friday Recap: Week Ending December 8th, 2017

If this trading week were to have a theme, it would likely be that of blockchain. With Bitcoin hitting new highs seemingly every day this week, the talk of the town was certainly this over extended coin. In addition to this, we saw a hack occur that resulted in the theft of $50 million in Bitcoin. As a result of these two occurrences, many crypto and blockchain related stocks saw quite the spread over the week.

Meanwhile, we continued on with our current focus of the cannabis sector. This week saw a couple “pump and dump” style stocks move. It appears that the last of the sectors participants are seeing their run occur now that everything else has been overextended. Surprisingly, the bulls have stuck around much longer than they did last year. This was our primary focus of the week with respect to our articles. Here’s a high level overview of this weeks coverage.


Delivra Corp (TSXV: DVA)

Delivra Corp – The Biotech-Cannabis Company You’ve Never Heard Of

The focus of this week’s full analysis was Delivra Corp. This undervalued cannabis play has gone almost entirely unnoticed within the sector, even after signing a licensing agreement with Canopy Growth Corp. However, Delivra is more than just cannabis – it has several products in both the over the counter market as well as the pharmaceuticals market. In addition to this it has an ideal share structure that is excellent for investors, with the revenues to match. This is one you don’t want to miss, be sure to give it a read!


Quadron Cannatech Corp (CSE: QCC)

BRIEF: Quadron Cannatech – A Quick Overview

Quadron is yet another cannabis stock that suffers the fate of being relatively unknown. The difference with this company however, is that it does not directly deal with cannabis. Instead, it is in the ancillary markets. Essentially, it provides the equipment used to manufacture and consume the commodity. Although it may be snuffed by some, remember this key phrase – it was the guy selling shovels that made money during the gold rush.


New Age Farm Inc (CSE: NF)

BRIEF: New Age Farm – Just, why?

Our brief analysis on New Age Farm was highly critical of the company. This much is gathered from the title. However, this is for good reason as the company has been very poorly managed. It has had zero revenues over a three year period, and increasing expenses. The management is highly overpaid based on the value they provide, and the dilution appears to be endless on it. The use of consultants and inconsistencies in their filings are simply the icing on the cake. If you’re a new long term investor, be aware.


Kalytera Therapeutics (TSXV: KALY)

BRIEF: Kalytera Therapeutics – Four Critical Points

As the title indicates, we went over four highly critical points that investors need to be aware of for Kalytera Therapeutics. This includes the current stage of the FDA approval process that the company is in, and the long, expensive road ahead before Kalytera potentially receives an approval. Additionally, it covers the heavy dilution that is likely headed for investor pocketbooks over the course of the next couple years.


Block One Capital Inc (TSXV: BLOK)

BRIEF: A Brief Analysis on Block One Capital

When we initially started writing this article on Block One Capital, it was intended to be a full feature for the company. However, due to the short history that the company has, we had to modify it down to the format of a briefing. As such, we cover a bit of history on the company as well as its latest financials and cheap share structure. After releasing this one yesterday, an additional news release was issued related to its acquisition of TG12. Be sure to include this in your personal deep dive.


That’s a wrap for this week folks. We’ll be back at it as always on Sunday morning with our latest full analysis. In addition to this, in the week ahead look for a special report that we are currently working on. It’s related to a company we have previously covered, and that has received incredible viewership. It’s taken a bit of time to develop, but it will certainly be worth the wait!

Enjoy your weekend, and as always, Dive Deep!