Friday Recap: Week Ending March 2, 2018

What a week that was! From numerous financials being released, to the drama surrounding Maricann Group there was certainly a buzz in the cannabis sector again. This was evident in the sector leader Canopy Growth Corp as well, with the stock knocking on the door of $30.00 yet again at the time of writing. Although few catalysts are in the near term, general market excitement has proven to be enough thus far to keep stocks afloat.

Speaking to the financials recently released, we’ve got a few scheduled articles that we are looking forward to. In the oncoming week, expect us to revisit a stock or two now that we have the latest on their performance. This isn’t exclusive to the cannabis sector either – we’ll be reviewing data released by a handful of technology stocks as well. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest!


Friday Recap: Week Ending March 2, 2018


Glance Technologies Inc (CSE: GET)

A Hard Look at Glance Technologies

This weeks focus for our fully analysis was centered squarely on Glance Technologies. A company that has seen much success over the course of the last year, it serves as the perfect example as to why you don’t get in to business with family. Although you may be successful at first, riffs can form with disastrous consequences. In the case of Glance this riff formed between its two co-founders, whom are in-laws. The result of which is one ousting the other from the company. With both individuals being large stakeholders in the company, it’s likely to only get worse before it gets better as the power struggle develops. Read on to see what we make of the current situation.


DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc (TSXV: DMGI)

DMG Blockchain: A Briefing on Mining Operations

During the month of February, the much anticipated reverse takeover by DMG Blockchain was completed. Held in high regard throughout blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, DMG Blockchain is a multi-faceted company in it’s sector. For our first briefing of the week, we elected to focus entirely on its current mining operations so as to keep things short. To gather info for this brief, we took a dive into the recent filing statement for the company, a document many investors likely didn’t take the time to peruse. To help save you some time, we pulled out the key details on one aspect of this popular company.


Maricann Group Inc (CSE: MARI)

Maricann, is this Amateur Hour?

In perhaps what has been one of our most explosively popular briefings yet, we took  look at Maricann Group and their numerous flubbs. With the report issued Tuesday by The Globe and Mail indicating that two company directors as well as the chief executive officer were under OSC investigation, we knew it would be a hit. In the time since our report, there have been immediate developments – the $70 million dollar bought deal issued by the company has been cancelled, and two directors elected to resign. Get the full scoop on what went down here.


HIVE Blockchain Technologies Inc (TSXV: HIVE)

HIVE Blockchain: Highlights from the Latest Financials

Our last article of the week consisted of highlights from the latest HIVE Blockchain financials. With this reporting period containing the first full quarter of public operations for the company, it was anxiously awaited by many. Within it identified numerous key details of the company that are crucial for any investor to know, such as the method it uses in which to recognize revenue. We identify these key details and more inside our latest briefing.


That’s all we’ve got for this week folks.  During the oncoming week, watch out for a sign up form. We’ve been working away at establishing our newsletter and aim to begin collecting email addresses this week for our first edition of this weekly curated content. More on this later. For now, we’ll be back at it before the weekend draws to a close to give you a head start on next weeks market action. Have a safe and happy weekend!