George Gammon Had His Twitter Account Hacked And Needs Your Help

For those of you that may be wondering, no, George Gammon is not in fact selling MacBooks that he has signed. As it turns out, his Twitter account, @GeorgeGammon, has been hacked.

Based on the timing of his tweets, it appears his account was hacked sometime on February 20, which is the last day that he made a markets-related tweet. Whomever managed to grab control of the account with 211,000 followers has subsequently turned the account private while blocking replies so as to reduce the chances for someone calling out that it has been hacked.

Subsequent to the hack, Gammon conducted a live stream wherein he alerted his followers to the fact that scammers had grabbed hold of his blue-check-verified.

“For those of you who didn’t know, I wanted to make you aware of this. So if you do receive a DM or see some sort of tweet from the George Gammon account, that unbelievably is blue check verified, and it seems rather suspicious, you’ll know that it is not coming from me,” Gammon said within the stream. “It’s coming from the Nigerian Prince who hacked my account and is pretending to be me.”

Gammon after making this announcement then highlighted the inability of tech firms to stop such hacks from occurring. “Lets think this through. They’ve got the technology to create ChatGPT, but they don’t have the technology to prevent spammers and hackers and spambots? I mean how hard is that to detect?”

Outside of this, Gammon attempted to alert his followers that his main Twitter account had been hacked via a backup account, wherein he requested followers to notify Twitter support that he had in fact been hacked on his primary account.

He added that whomever hacked his account was smart enough to change the email address attached to the account, so “now whenever [he] tries to login, Twitter thinks [he’s] the scammer.”

Gammon has reportedly reached out to Twitter on the matter and is now awaiting a resolution.

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