Taylor Swift Shakes Off $100 Million FTX Deal

Welcome back to another exciting episode of bizarre celebrity crypto endorsements. Today we will examine the mysterious case of Taylor Swift and FTX. Yes the girl, that many people hate, because she’s so damn perfect. 

You might have heard about numerous A-listers jumping on the crypto bandwagon, but one superstar refused to sing along. That’s right, folks! Taylor Swift, the queen of pop and the master of her own destiny, said a big fat “Nope!” to Sam and Caroline and their ponzi like exchange. 

She knew they were trouble when they walked in.

So, grab your popcorn and buckle up, as we dive into this juicy story.

Taylor Swifts Rejection

In a world where celebrities seem to be endorsing anything and everything for the right price, our girl Taylor Swift went against the grain and decided to, you know, actually do her research. 

Who would’ve thought? 

More than a dozen celebrities, from the likes of Stephen Curry to Gisele Bündchen, eagerly jumped on the FTX bandwagon, Taylor Swift was out there asking the hard questions. Like a student in the back of the class questioning the teacher, Taylor had the audacity to ask: “Can you tell me that these are not unregistered securities?” And just like that, she dodged a major bullet.

Oh, and let’s not forget the juicy $100 million FTX was willing to throw at Taylor for a tour sponsorship. I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted by that kind of money? 

But our resident pop royalty didn’t just see dollar signs; she saw the potential for a colossal mess. With NFT ticket sales and a marketing team feeling the pressure of the “really f*cking high” price tag, Taylor knew when to walk away. And walk away, she did.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention Taylor’s secret weapon: her dad, Scott Swift. 

With a background as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch, it seems he probably had a voice in all this. Again, we’re talking about $100 million dollars here. But hats off to Mr. Swift if he was in fact involved in the decision, because they look like seasoned investment professionals in a world where most celebrities make financial decisions like they’re playing pin-the-tail on the donkey.

As a result, Taylor Swift emerged unscathed while the other celebs got caught in the crossfire of Adam Moskowitz’s $5 billion class action lawsuit. It’s as if Taylor had a crystal ball, predicting the FTX collapse and avoiding the massive fallout that followed.

Taylor would have been great for FTX

So, why would FTX be drooling over the prospect of having Taylor Swift on their side? Well, let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we?

With a net worth of around $570 million and a jaw-dropping eight albums hitting No. 1 on the charts, it’s no secret that Taylor Swift is a certified powerhouse. She’s got a fan base that rivals the population of some small countries, and her ability to sell out stadiums is nothing short of legendary. In other words, she’s a walking goldmine.

But it’s not just her financial success that makes Taylor Swift the ultimate catch for any brand. It’s her uncanny ability to connect with her fans. She’s had an impressive track record of lucrative partnerships with companies like Capital One, Keds, Coca-Cola, and Apple. She’s not just a singer-songwriter; she’s a brand magnet.

So, imagine the tsunami of success FTX could’ve ridden if they had managed to secure Taylor Swift as their poster girl. They would’ve gained access to her millions of fans, who would’ve potentially turned into millions of customers.

Celebrities love crypto

Let’s talk about the irony of celebrities with access to the best legal advice, still getting caught up in questionable deals.

We’ve got Trevor Lawrence, who scored a multi-million-dollar deal with Blockfolio and was paid a $22.6 million signing bonus in crypto. Then there’s Kevin O’Leary, who took an equity stake in FTX and received a crypto payment worth just under $15 million, only to lose most of it all later.

Prior to getting involved with FTX, Kevin was promoting himself as a financial guru who called Bitcoin garbage. Yet, the second he got offered some money, he couldn’t turn it down. We actually did a video on Kevin recently and the FTX saga, check it out on our channel.

But the list doesn’t stop there. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen filmed a $20 million ad campaign for FTX, while David Ortiz and Udonis Haslem both took the plunge, with Haslem even admitting to losing $15 million in the process. And let’s not forget Larry David, who starred in a Super Bowl ad for FTX, which cost FTX a cool $6.5 million.

The funny thing about Larry David, is that you can tell Larry didn’t want to go near it, so he said “look, I will take your money, so long as you can make your commercial about how I don’t like FTX.”

And then we’ve got Naomi Osaka, Stephen Curry, and Shaquille O’Neal, all of whom eagerly endorsed FTX. You’d think with their impressive earnings, they’d have the best lawyers in the business, and yet, here they are, promoting a company that’s now at the center of a massive legal storm. 

Again, I can’t imagine they didn’t have legal counsel suggesting they stay away. It’s like they had a team of top-notch chefs but still insisted on cooking their own meals, only to end up with food poisoning.

Shaq got roped in

Let’s touch on Shaq – that gentle giant we all know and love. Well, Shaq’s been avoiding lawyers like they’re free throws.

You’d think a man of his stature would have no trouble standing up to just about anything, but it turns out he’s got a weak spot: dodging lawyers. Shaq’s been playing a hilarious game of cat-and-mouse for months, trying to avoid being served in the FTX lawsuit. 

You know what they say, “Shaq attack” on the court, “Shaq dodge” in the courtroom. As it turns out, Shaq finally met his match on April 18th when he was served outside his home. 

It’s funny to think of Shaq, a man who’s made millions endorsing everything from Icy Hot to The General insurance, trying to distance himself from crypto after FTX’s collapse. The former Lakers star has been furiously backpedaling, claiming he was just a paid spokesperson and doesn’t believe in cryptocurrencies.

But let’s not forget, this is the same Shaq who, in a June commercial, enthusiastically proclaimed he was “all in” on crypto. I guess when the going gets tough, even the Big Aristotle isn’t immune to a bit of philosophical flip-flopping.

Matt Damon loses credibility

I have to touch on Matt Damon and crypto.com. The man who once solved complex math problems on a chalkboard, is now getting schooled in the world of cryptocurrencies. In 2022, our favorite genius janitor starred in a CGI-filled Crypto.com ad, urging people to dive fearlessly into the crypto market with the tagline, “Fortune Favors the Brave.” Oh, the irony.

Now, half a year later, with cryptocurrency values taking a nosedive, it seems the fortune has favored the brave just as much as it did for the passengers on the Titanic. 

And my favourite part, is that Louis CK has reappeared, and is now dunking on Damon, after articulating brilliantly what we all were thinking over 20 years ago when we saw Good Will Hunting for the first time.

Let’s just say, when even Louis CK is dunking on you, it might be time to reevaluate your life choices.

In conclusion

So, as we wrap up this wild ride of celebrity endorsements, legal battles, and the crypto craze, let’s take a moment to appreciate the one shining star in this whole debacle: Taylor Swift. It’s almost poetic that the seemingly perfect T-Swift managed to do what all those other A-listers couldn’t – say no to the allure of a big fat paycheck. And presumably, with a little help from her dad, she managed to sidestep the FTX disaster with the grace of a seasoned ballerina.

It’s fascinating to see celebrities, who have access to the best legal advice, still getting caught up in questionable deals. It’s as if the temptation of big money is enough to make them forget all about due diligence and dive headfirst into murky waters. But here we have Taylor Swift, the embodiment of perfection, who did exactly what the perfect person would do: say no to $100 million dollars because the risks are really fucking high, espicially for a singer on pace to be a billionaire by the time she hits 40.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Perhaps it’s a lesson in not underestimating the power of saying no, even when the world is shouting yes. Because in the end, fortune might favor the brave, but it’s the wise who know when to walk away.

And finally, let’s take a moment to appreciate the humor in this absurd situation. From Tom Brady’s squeaky-clean image taking a hit, to Shaq’s desperate attempts to dodge being served, and Matt Damon’s Good Will Hunting credibility crumbling faster than a crypto market crash, it seems the universe has a way of reminding us all that nobody’s perfect – except, maybe, Taylor Swift.

Information for this briefing was found via Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and the sources mentioned. The author has no securities or affiliations related to this organization. Not a recommendation to buy or sell. Always do additional research and consult a professional before purchasing a security. The author holds no licenses.

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