Friday Recap: Week Ending November 17th, 2017

This trading week brought us the final gasps of the 2017 cannabis sector run. Similar to last year, this week was the high point of the run. One theory for it being this week is related to that of Remembrance Day. Although many provinces across the country view this as a statutory holiday, not everywhere does.

One such province that does not view it as a holiday is Ontario, where the Canadian exchanges reside. As a result of this, the exchanges are open on this day while many retail traders are at home. This in turn results in many watching the market, all of whom want to get in on the excessive gains. Just like last year, this made the sector climb to unsustainable highs and the sell off began.

That’s enough theory for one post. Lets get to the Friday Recap for this weeks stock analysis.


MYM Nutraceuticals (CSE: MYM)

MYM Nutraceuticals: Is it Finally their Time?

This weeks full stock analysis was focused on MYM Nutraceuticals, and viewers loved it. In this analysis we started from the beginning, with MYM’s complicated birth. From there, we analyzed all that the company has in the works – from its Sublime Culture news release gaffe, to the massive licensed facility under construction in Weedon, QC. This 3,600 word analysis also dived deep in to the companies financials and its preference to the use of consultants. This is an article you don’t want to miss!


Mezzi Holdings (TSXV: MZI)

BRIEF: Mezzi Holdings – From Handbags to Blockchain?

Mezzi Holdings – the company that went from luxury accessories to that of blockchain technologies. Or, at least that’s what its trying to do. Its a bit of an odd sector switch. We analyze the potential answer to the question of why a company would flip its sector so suddenly. Additionally, we make a revelation on the current status of the companies core business assets.


Isodiol International (CSE: ISOL)

BRIEF: Isodiol International: 5 Things You Need to Know

Long term investors of Isodiol International had an excellent week. They managed to set new highs at the tail end of the cannabis sector run, encouraged by some promising news releases. We did some quick stock analysis on the company and came up with the five most important items that investors need to know. This covers everything from its past history, to that of current distribution agreements.


Far Resources Ltd (CSE: FAT)

BRIEF: Far Resources & It’s Issue of Insider Selling

Another company that has seen some action this week is Far Resources. When we say action, we mean it. It’s gone on some wild swings in the past few days, and never seems to move at a steady rate. It much prefers to keep investors on its toes. We spent some time going over the current share structure of the company, as well as the issue of insiders selling the stock.


The Tinley Beverage Company (CSE: TNY)

BRIEF: Tinley Beverage Company – 3 Facts to Know

The last brief analysis of the week was focused on The Tinley Beverage Company. Tinley managed to set a new closing high record this week, and in honour of that we provided investors with three facts to know. We cover several aspects of the stock in a relatively short amount of time, including its current assets as well as its distribution model.


That’s all we’ve got for you this week. If your down in your account at the end of the week, don’t sweat it. Remember that we just experienced a massive run in the cannabis sector, and that you’re likely up on your investment overall. If that’s not the case, ensure all your holdings match with your plan. There may be several red days to come yet as the market corrects itself after such a significant run up. In any case, ensure you’re doing proper stock analysis on your investments before you pull the trigger.

As always, we’ll release our full stock analysis on a select company over the weekend for your deep diving pleasure. Enjoy your weekend, and happy deep diving!