Friday Recap: Week Ending February 16, 2018

This was an exciting week for us at The Deep Dive, even if the markets were a little slow for our liking. For the first time ever we had a guest writer, which is the first part of our plan to expand our offerings to viewers. More on that in a moment.

The writer, Rhum, comes from the land of Twitter. He’ll be hosting a new column for us, entitled Mental Hurdles. The concept behind Mental Hurdles is to reflect on the psychological aspect of investing and trading. True to his nature, Rhum will be presenting his column in a humourous manner to captivate readers and to show the lighter side of the markets. Be sure to check out the first edition of his column below.

In additional to acquiring a columnist there have been other recent developments at The Deep Dive. Our recently conducted poll via Twitter revealed to us what it is our viewers want most. In turn, we now know where to prioritize our efforts.


The poll revealed two things to us – first, that we aren’t the only ones who listen to podcasts. Second, is that demand for a newsletter currently exists. As a result of this poll we’re making progress towards implementing both of these mediums. The latter will be implemented in the very near term. As for the former, it’ll take some time as we develop the layout of the program to best serve you.

Lastly, we’re also working towards acquiring additional writers that have a breadth of knowledge when it comes to the markets. This includes both fundamentals as well as technicals. Stay tuned to see just what we have in store.


Friday Recap: Week Ending February 16, 2018


Matica Enterprises Inc (CSE: MMJ)

Matica Enterprises: Just the Facts, Jack


We started off the week by performing a full analysis on a stock that people are deeply divided on – Matica Enterprises. As we acknowledge in the analysis, it appears that those of whom are neutral on the company are few and far between. It’s just one of those companies that everyone in the sector has an opinion on. As a result of this, we toed the line very closely on this one. We were quite careful to not lean in one direction or the other. As a result of this, we were simultaneously called “pumpers” and “bashers” in many of the same threads – when this occurs, we know we did an excellent job.


Mental Hurdles

Mental Hurdles: Fluffy the Bag Freer


Our column Mental Hurdles represents many first for us: the first dedicated column, the first additional writer, and the first light hearted article on The Deep Dive. As we mentioned earlier, the column is written by Rhum of Twitter fame. With his first swing at the plate, he focused on an all too real situation for many – bagholding. Presented in a novel manner, he approaches the issue of holding equities well past their expiry date and the psychological aspect it plays through lighthearted humour.


Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest: Revealing Option & Private Share Holders on CSE Stocks


Following the announcement of Mental Hurdles, we elected to introduce to viewers our own column. Entitled Conflict of Interest, it is set to cover many aspects of performing due diligence on an equity before purchase. For our first issue, we tackled the issue of options and other private holdings obtained by some investors. We show you what to look out for, and how to perform a proper due diligence on just who owns these derivatives. Although it is set to be a semi-infrequent column, watch out for more in the series coming your way.


Mission Ready Services Inc (TSXV: MRS)

Reviewing the Numbers on Mission Ready Services


For the first time, we took a look at an industrial. To do so we went over the numbers of Mission Ready Services. Mission Ready is a company focused on providing defense equipment to governments around the world. Although currently a small cap, there are potential signs that this won’t last for long – including a potential purchase order that is worth more than the entirety of the company. However, there are some concerning figures related to the company as well that prevent us from getting to excited at this point in time. Check it out to get the full scoop.


Global UAV Technologies Ltd (CSE: UAV)

Global UAV Technologies: Three Positive Developments


Our last article of the week was focused squarely on Global UAV Technologies. Focused in the area of unmanned aerial vehicles, Global UAV is set on becoming a market leader in the Canadian space. We focused on three positive developments that have occurred for the company since the last financials were issued. With the annual statements due out by the end of the month, we eagerly await just what they may bring to current investors and the market as a whole. We have high expectations for Global UAV, but can they meet them?


That’s all we’ve got for this week folks. With it being a long weekend in many areas of the country, please be aware that our full analysis will be issued Monday morning. Thanks for your continued patronage, and have a safe and happy weekend! And as always, Dive Deep!